An overseas Wedding can be exciting and different. In many ways it is just as special as getting married in a church, however the scene is already set and the weather is almost guaranteed.

Many couples chose to marry abroad for a multitude of different reasons. This decision is not limited to young couples just starting out together either! Just one of the many reasons for getting married overseas is budget. If the thought of spending tens of thousands of pounds on just one day fills you with dread then, perhaps an overseas wedding is your answer. Or perhaps there's a difficult family issue and inviting all of them would cause discomfort, so here's your answer… go abroad.

Getting married overseas will enable you, the happy couple to budget the entire trip and to benefit the most from the money you've spent, after all you have both worked hard to earn the money for this illustrious event!

Below is a list we have compiled of overseas wedding destinations currently available. This list is always increasing, so if you can't see the location that you have both chosen it's worth giving us a call to see if we can tailor-make the arrangements for you:

Caribbean USA & Canada Australisia
Dominican Republic Florida Sydney
Cuba Disney Fraser Island
Jamaica Orlando Hamilton Island
Antigua Miami Dunk Island
Margarita Boston Heron Island
Bermuda Lake Tahoe Kewara Beach (Cairns)
Bahamas New York Silky Oaks (Port Douglas)
Barbados San Francisco Thala Beach Lodge -
Aruba Los Angeles (Port Douglas)
British Virgin Islands Las Vegas Hayman Island -
Cayman Islands Hawaii (Barrier Reef)
Grenada Canada
Nevis Europe
St Kitts Far East Turkey
St Lucia Bali Greece
The Grenadines Malaysia Cyprus
Tobago Thailand Italy & Sicily
Turks & Caicos Malta & Gozo
Indian Ocean Lapland
Africa Sri Lanka Austria
Kenya Mauritius Margarita
South Africa Seychelles
South Pacific
Latin America Cook Islands
Mexico Fiji

For information on the legality of an overseas wedding click here.

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